Wanted – Cheap Used Car Insurance Agent

Many people purchased used cars because they don’t want to experience the immediate 10-20 percent depreciation that occurs the second that a new car leaves the auto sales lot. Often, these people are hoping to cut costs in insuring the car as well, to make it more affordable and useful. They look for a cheap used car insurance agent.

Just how difficult is it, however, to find an agent that will sell affordable insurance for used cars? Sometimes, this can be a difficult task. Usually, agents don’t advertise in the yellow pages that they offer the least expensive insurance available.

Searching online often allows people to evaluate multiple insurance company quotes through a single search engine. This can be very helpful and convenient, particularly if the person knows exactly for what they are searching. Insuring a used car can be very different from insuring a new car.

For example, many lenders require car owners to purchase collision insurance, so that the loan amount is covered, or nearly covered, in the event that the car is damaged beyond repair. The amount of the collision coverage may vary from loan to loan.

Sometimes, however, if you have bought an inexpensive used car, you may not have to take out a loan. This would help to avoid paying collision insurance, which is a significant portion of the loan. Consider whether the value of your car is more than the cost of paying this insurance. Sometimes it is, but often it isn’t, and dropping collision coverage can save you a lot of money.

Another valuable way to save money is to consider the cost of property and bodily damage liability. Some agents try to sell very high limits for these types of insurance, and often are successful in doing so. Consider the likelihood that you will actually encounter a $1 million dollar lawsuit for damaging someone’s store or home accidentally with your car before you actually purchase this much liability.

Comprehensive deductibles also can cost, or save you money. If the car is very old, and repairing it would cost more than it is worth, reconsidering paying high premiums for comprehensive coverage. For example, if your car is only worth $500, having a deductible of this same limit would be of no benefit.

Compare the expense of insuring your car through a familiar company with the relatively small risk of finding a cheap used car insurance agent. Search online for a policy that offers you the most affordable insurance for the car you are driving. Avoid paying more for insurance than your car is worth.